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Chyrp 2.1.2 / 2.5 Beta 3



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MIT License 

Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
MySQL / SQLite
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It is driven by PHP and MySQL (with some AJAX thrown in), and has a theme and module engine, so the user can personalize it however he wants.

Its capabilities can be extended through various add-ons.

Comes with an easy installer to get the user started right away.


· PHP 5.2 or higher
· MySQL 4.1+, or SQLite 3+ with PDO

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added Firecrest Theme.
· Added Like module.
· Added rel="next" and rel="prev" for Google SEO.
· Added Aggregator module default post status option.
· Added Recaptcha for Site Registrations.
· Updated Link Feather's Title, now it's optional.
· Updated WYSIWYG libraries.
· Updated lots of code to match Chyrp Code Style.
· Updated Categorize module code cleanup.
· Updated SWFUpload module with latest SWFObject lib.
· Fixed couple issues with Automatic Upgrader.
· Fixed Aggregator module forgetting last update time.
· Fixed Undefined variable in Video Feather.
· Fixed an SQL issue with Nofity in Comments module.
· Fixed upload_from_url() method.
· Fixed email approved.
· Fixed Theme Editor could be publicly accessed.
· Fixed a potential XSS vulnerability in ajax.php.
· Fixed Undefined $_SESSION['redirect_to'] during login.

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